Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's Be Friends

Here we go. Let's do this thing. Who are we? Well, I'll save you the formal sales pitch and just say - we like parties. For years people have said to my family, you guys put on the best parties. My mom cooks the best food, my sister has a great eye for decor, and I design a mean invitation, if I don't say so myself. So, we're going to try this out - put our hearts on our sleeves, and see if anyone's interested. For now, I'll post some photos from my wedding, as examples of "how we do," and post other invitations I've done as well. Since you can't taste food online, or shake hands the friendly valet guys on a web page, or sample any other elements of what we have to offer, we'll start here. So for now all I'll say is - if you want it, we got it. When it comes to planning weddings, parties, corporate events, celebrations of any kind, we do it all... well almost, and the things we don't do, we know the best people that do. Please enjoy the following eye candy - photographed by Nickel City Studios, Buffalo's best photographers, without question.