Monday, June 28, 2010

Show Some Love

Welcome to my new feature called Buffalove. (I'm not sure if this word is trademarked... so I'm gonna use it until someone tells me not to :).) This is where I'll be showing love for local talents and things that I love around the Rust Belt... and today's belongs to local artist Derek Pershyn...

Derek is a friend of ours, and besides working for New Era has incredible talent designing Munnys... which are self described by their maker, Kid Robot, as "Art Toys." Artists buy blank forms, and use them as a sort of 3D blank canvas! Derek made us a Mini Munny for our wedding, and we so totally heart it...

(Photo by Nickel City Studios)

SO - June is Munny Munth, and right now Kid Robot is having a customizing contest - and Derek has entered with his "Munny in the Moon." Show some Buffalove and head over to vote for some local talent!

(And it's not like some of those other contests that make you sign up and create an account before voting, it's hooked up to Facebook, so it's as simple as clicking "LIKE!" This guy is about halfway down the first page.)