Monday, October 4, 2010

Saving the Day!

Bad blogger! I had this little diddy sitting in my drafts from before the trip and I never published it! Well, here you go... show some Buffalove!

We are leaving for vacation on Friday, and a minor panic set in when I realized, *GASP* how can I travel across the world with a naked BRAND SPANKIN' NEW iPhone!? [Which comes with a free case, but I soon learned that case would take 2 weeks to come to me... that's 14 unprotected days in the hands of the most accident-prone clutz I know... ME!]

After I voiced this deep dark concern on Facebook, a childhood friend rushed to my rescue! Andrea said she could make me one! Now on the West Coast, Andrea has started Andrea Lynn Handmade, making GORG bags, clutches, and cases. 

I mosied on over to her Etsy shop... and oh-my-goodness – I was smitten!!

I mean, seriously, don't you L.O.V.E.?
Buy this here.

Amy Butler fabric? Eco-friendly?  SWOON!
Some other favs of mine:

iPad case? Yes please!

So not 2 days later, my own little lovely showed up in the mail, and can I just say – life.saver.

Gorgeous, no?

So check out Andrea Lynn Handmade on her blog and on Etsy! And  just to be clear, I will be taking some Flat-Stanley-esque photos of my new fav accessory on my travels, as I leave you all to jetset to faraway lands. Many photos and souvenirs for you darlings when I return. MUAH!


  1. WOW- those are beautiful. I love those bags. What great gift ideas, too. Maybe you could think about partnering for some of your invitations packaging or promotions. "This month only: receive an Andrea Lynn Bridal Bag with all invitation orders." cool!

  2. Thanks Leah, that's such a good idea! I'll have to bring it up to Andrea. I'm working on her save-the-dates at the moment [letterpress! yeee!!] and I think our aesthetic sensibilities are a great match, a collaboration would make perfect sense!!