Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brides World 2011!

WHEW What a crazy whirlwind of a week this has been!! WELCOME if you are new to our blog, if we just met you at Brides World, or if we haven't met you yet! Take a look around, we have lots to show you, like all of our designs, our wedding products, or maybe just to learn a little more about us. Thanks for stopping by!
Now a few notes about Brides World - we had SO much fun! This is one of the reasons I LOVE Buffalo so much - the people are here are simply the best. Hands down. We met so many sweet brides, we really feel lucky to have talked to so many genuinely nice people! As per usual, I have little to show except for a few iPhone photos, but here are some shots until we get some more off of an actual camera!

The booth. The lovely ladies of Thelma and Louise (aka my mom and Sandy) hung out with us all day in the booth for support and, as one of them put it, as "eye candy." :)

 This was the invitation suite that went along with the table design we put together in the table gallery. Designed for an autumn wedding, it features leaves and trees hand drawn by moi, with an eggplant purple and burnt orange color scheme.

This was our table setting, we were SO happy with it! Apparently other people were too, because every time we went back to check on the table, another little piece of it had been taken! (We'll take that as a compliment.)

Rather than a dull table number to differentiate each table, this fall theme featured types of trees. This table was "Oak," with the table's drawing in the frame, and matching placecards for the guests. Other tables would have been "Birch," "Elm," "Pine," etc. The favors were matching eggplant purple terra cotta pots tied with rafia, with a tulip bulb in each. Since this was for a November wedding, we thought tulip bulbs would make great favors, since they are meant to be planted in the fall. The favor tags said "Love Grows, plant these bulbs in the fall, and think of us when they bloom in the spring."

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