Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For the Love of Scrabble

Seriously, who doesn't love Scrabble?? Or... for you youngsters... once upon a time, before smartphones, Words With Friends was a board game with wooden tiles... {Okay now I feel old.}
ANYWAY, I love this wedding so very, very much. The jewel tone colors, the Scrabble tiles, the swirly script, I can't get enough. Becky and Chris were incredible to work with, not to mention Becky's amazing mom, who I had the pleasure of meeting a few times!

Here are some terrible photos of the printed materials we made for them! {Don't give up on me, there are some AMAZING pro photos at the end of this post, hang in there!!}

I love when we get to carry a design theme from the invitations throughout the rest of the ceremony and reception. We were lucky enough to also do their program, place cards, menus, and various signage for around the reception hall. Check them out here, I photographed them with my iPhone on a table in my living room {I am the worst} :

"Love is Sweet and So Are You." I love that, below you can see the sign for their candy bar, as well as the "Card" sign they hung on a birdcage for guests to leave their cards in. SO cute!

 Oh right, did I mention Becky and Chris are both lawyers?? They included some of that personality and humor into parts of their reception, like this request below to sign the guest book: please note that "This contract is non-negotiable."

And their signature drink? The "Ad Infinitum" - which is a legal term for forever, without limit, to infinity. 

OKAY, now that that pain is over, please enjoy the REAL photos, from the extremely talented Melissa Parrish of Lovely Day Photo.

The invitations, and the rest of the cards, were a gorgeous sparkling navy stock for the pocket, with a metallic gold layer, under a wine-colored layer, with navy printing on ivory card stock. Then the whole thing was tied up with a wine-colored ribbon. #swoon!

photo by Lovely Day Photo

photo by Lovely Day Photo
So, the Scrabble tiles? Becky and Chris made each table a different letter, and then each person got a place card with that letter's actual Scrabble tile attached to it. I didn't see it myself, but I think Becky said she actually got LARGE letter tiles to put on the tables instead of the table numbers! LOVE that!!

photo by Lovely Day Photo

photo by Lovely Day Photo
The programs were booklet style, similar to the design of the invitation.

photo by Lovely Day Photo

photo by Lovely Day Photo

photo by Lovely Day Photo

Becky and Chris, it was seriously SO much fun helping you design the day of your dreams. May you always have as much fun with each other as you do now, and never stop playing board games. :)

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  1. wow! i am also addicted to scrabble, i have made pendants that are made of scrabble tiles..i love on what i have done..