Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Vintage, Wine-Country Inspired Wedding Invitation

This invitation debut has been a long time coming!! One of our favorites, I've been holding out on getting these professionally photographed before posting them, but finally I said, enough! It's time these lovelies had their day in the sun, and what better way to kick off OUR official start of "Wedding Season?!"

Let's start with the envelopes, which I totally heart. Tricia wanted a natural, almost vintage plantation feel for her invites. We used kraft button-tie envelopes, raffia wraps, and ivory textured paper for first impression.

Inside, Tricia picked a fun green and blue color scheme that went so nicely with the Niagara-On-The-Lake subtle rustic, wine country theme. 

She also did one of my FAVORITE things, and put a funny twist on her RSVP options. They were "Wouldn't miss it for the world" and "Being detained against our will elsewhere." 

Rather than having a lot imagery, we used a variety of fonts with different sizes and spacing to create the graphic feel of the design. Then we topped it with something sweet. 

Well there you have it, a wedding invitation suite that is as sweet as Tricia and Michael and their perfect day. Our brides are as much a part of our design process as we are, which is how there are never two alike, each unique to the style and personality of the great brides we work with. 

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