Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Color Me ImPRESSed!

I am so lucky to have such talented, creative friends! One such friend (who I've mentioned before) I had the honor of designing save the dates for. But not just any save the dates, LETTERPRESS save the dates... ooooh how I LOVE letterpress! I wish I could say it was more than a hobby I'm learning about, but alas for now I'm still a novice. And part of the learning process is kicking it old school, ie pouring over thousands and thousands and thousands of letters and spacers and itty bitty pieces of lead for hours and hours to make something that takes about thirty minutes on a computer. But it is a labor of love, I assure you! So in the last class I took, I made some save the dates for Andrea and Michael.

And from here, Andrea made them spectacular. She added 3 layers, with different patterns and textures and made them super luxe... Check out how she did it here.

The finished product:

Simply gorgeous! Andrea's fabulous eye for design really shines through with these, her wedding is truly going to be a beautiful, elegant affair. 


  1. Oh I love letterpress!!! We need to talk. I am thinking about new letterpress business cards...!!! :-)

  2. Oooooh so fun!! We should definitely discuss over a coffee chat ;)