Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Tea Shower

I MUST share with you all the beautiful shower I went to a week ago! For my beautiful friend Tricia, (whose invitations we will be featuring soon!) thrown by her sister Heidi. This is a gorgeous example of what you can do with a little time and a lot of love.

Each table setting had a box of tea wrapped in ribbon and personalized with Tricia and Jack's initials. The perfect favor - simple, personalized, and useful. 

Place cards coordinated with the invitations and theme of the event.

AWESOME idea - instead of baskets as door prizes, Heidi did auctions for gift cards to area restaurants. And they were from all over, north towns, south towns, downtown; since the guests were all from different areas. 

Each can was a different size, designed with a different font and teapot or tea cup illustration.

She even iced "T" cookies for the tables.

While this was an extraordinary party, she didn't do anything overly difficult or expensive. Heidi is not a designer, but with a little time, taste, and Googling, she threw a party that this designer was VERY impressed with! So steal borrow these ideas, or just use them as inspiration for your next event!

Also, the food was awesome. ;)

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