Monday, September 17, 2012

Sparkle Sparkle!

So, my sister Kacie is seriously hilarious. She loves things that sparkle, shine, blink; she's our little magpie. So of course her wedding had to be covered in diamonds... literally.

Kacie's invitations were silver letterpressed onto super soft suede-like black paper. We started out with an idea of doing paper lanterns, but in the end opted for a more graphic theme.

The black card was mounted on a silver layer, then onto a red panel pocket. In the back pocket was the response envelope (letterpressed by the groom himself!!), the response card (letterpressed by the bride!) and the reception card. I loved how Mike and Kacie wanted to get in on the action!! Each pocket was finished off with a small jewel (a detail that would be carried throughout all the printed pieces!)

The programs were simple double sided black and white prints, mounted on red layers, with that small jewel embellishment again!

 For the reception, we did table number menu combinations, a piece we've done a few times this year, and I simply love it! The reception was at Banchetti's by Rizzo's, and their Family Style dinner was absolutely WONDERFUL! And so much fun to share, it really gave dinner such a relaxed, family feeling, while still being delicious and elegant!

More bling:

We also did the centerpieces, the candy bar, and all the flowers! Luckily, Ben, at Banchetti's, was so awesome to work with, he basically gave us the three days before the wedding to set up, all at our own pace. Which definitely helps when the designer is IN the wedding! PHEW!

Photo by Stephie Lei Photography

The bride's bouquet:

Photo by Stephie Lei Photography

Please enjoy these awesome iPhone photos: (I know, I am THE WORST)

Thank you so much, Kacie and Mike, for letting me be a part of your special day. You both looked amazing, and I don't think I've ever seen such a happy couple in my life!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and health, we love you so much. :)

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