Monday, July 30, 2012

Balboa Style

 I always say how lucky we are to have so many super creative friends around us. Andrea and her fiancé Michael, who you have met before, have been our letterpress-hobby guinea pigs going way back to their Save the Dates. So when they decided they also wanted us to letterpress their invitations, we were all over it.
And by "over" I mean in over our heads... way over. Andrea is seriously like, the nicest person you will ever meet, so of course she had roughly a million friends and family to invite to their big day. Okay... not a million, but a whole lot, and after giving it the old college try, we had to concede that our little table top sweetheart Kelsey was just not up to the challenge.
Enter our heroes Jodi and Shelly at French Press. They totally saved the day by finishing up these deliciously pressed invitations you see below.

Andrea's wedding was at the Prado, in Balboa Park, in San Diego. Surrounded by gorgeous Spanish and Moorish design, Andrea and I went back and forth over many different designs to come up with an one that was inspired by both old wrought iron scrollwork and the patterns on Spanish tile. 

This was a Wedding Weekend Extravaganza, if there has ever been one! Andrea thought of everything, including arranging childcare for guests traveling with children. We did press the Childcare, Brunch, and Accommodations cards in-house! (Yay us!) 
We chose Crane's 220# super duper thick cotton paper, that was 100% tree-free!

 We also pressed the envelopes and envelope liners. The bride and groom's name was printed on the liner in charcoal ink for you to see when you opened the envelope. The outer and RSVP envelopes both had 2 color printing, with the design from the invitation in green around their names and address in charcoal, on the flap of the envelope for the return address, and the front of the RSVP envelope.

 Thank you Andrea and Michael for being our letterpress guinea pigs, it was an adventure, and we wish you all the best in the world as you start out on your new life together. I only wish we'd been able to be there to see it!! Congratulations, I know you will spend the rest of your lives making each other so happy. :)

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