Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Because That's How the Italians Roll

Mangia, mangia! If there is a fault to be found in Thelma and Louise's (AKA Karen and Sandy) cooking, it is that they always make too much. AL.WAYS. Whether it's for six people, or sixteen (a normal family get-together when everyone is in town) or, apparently, sixty... which is approximately how many we had at Cole's Christening Party. Although it's hard to call it a fault when it means everyone takes home leftovers... So without further ado - to the DELICIOUS photos taken by the very talented, Miss Seren Davis...

The ladies themselves, getting everything together.

Paul Jr. helping with [or getting tangled in] the balloons.

Now for the appetizers:
Pinwheels of deliciousness...

Buffalo Chicken Wraps...

(If your mouth isn't watering by now, check your pulse...)

Whatever your dip fancy, we've got a cold, hot, veggie, seafood, sweet, or tangy dip for you!
Now for the main dishes...

All the gloriousness of a chicken caesar salad... on a ciabata roll... does it get much better than that?
And don't forget the rolls, brisket, rosemary potatoes, baked mac and cheese, and jambasta (a delightful substitution of pasta for rice in a traditional jambalaya.)

So, as you see, a feast fit for... several kings... Unless you are a Gluten-free-er (Sorry Pammy) in which case, don't worry, we DO offer wheat-free options, despite what you see here!


  1. I will happily allow Thelma and Louise to use me as a guinea pig to perfect their gluten-free selections.

  2. hahaha, I would love that! I'm gonna tell them to work some up while you're here!! :)