Monday, May 10, 2010

Where's the party?

We like any excuse to go a little overboard for a party, even a baptism where the guest of honor doesn't understand what the heck is going on!
You saw the invitations, now here are some pictures from setting up the night before!

We got flowers and made small centerpieces, with ribbon and "God Bless" tags on glass vases. By using the same graphic, font, and colors from the invitations on the vases (and the menu tags) we kept a unified theme for the whole event.

Paul is a volunteer firefighter, so this shindig was held in the Brighton Fire Hall. Even the simplest events and venues can be given that little something extra by something as small as using linen table clothes and napkins. You can usually rent the linens through a company, or ask if your caterer offers them, often for a little more than plastic table clothes and utensils, and paper napkins would cost. It's also "greener!"

Setup is usually easier with a few extra people to each take on a small job, rather than leaving lots up to few. Kevin was in charge of remembering which centerpiece went on which table. You can see what an excellent job he's doing!

Here you can see a bit of the menu tags, one went in front of each dish to let people know what exactly they were in for. And by that, I of course mean the deliciousness that was about to take over their senses! Tomorrow I will have just what deliciousness was offered, with some equally delicious food photography (NOT taken by yours truly!)

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