Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reflect and Manifest... Day 1

So as this year is drawing to a close (I'm still quite shocked that it's actually DECEMBER) I've decided to take the month to participate in #reverb10. And for day one, I am supposed to sum up 2010 in one word. Crap.
My family, who I am thankful for everyday.

No, that's not my one word, I just hate summing up something huge with something so small... This year was... insane. Closing on the house in April after 9 months of chaos (including half a winter in Buffalo with no furnace) went right into 8 months of tearing it apart and putting it back together. Sprinkle in the highlights of new friends and volunteer opportunities, with people and organizations that love and want to support the city as much as I do; a new puppy that we adore more than people should love an animal; an amazing trip overseas with friends I so wish I could see more than once a year; and the most recent surprise of finding out we're expecting (oh yeah, we're expecting... like, a baby), and I think the best word for this year is probably overwhelming. Everything I've done and taken on, everywhere I've gone, and seen, has all seemed so much bigger than me and more than I could handle. Khalas.

The word I want for myself for 2011 is content. I want less "I wish I could/would/had/did..." thoughts, and more "I'm happy with/for/because..." thoughts. I want control, peace, and contentment.



  1. Family makes everything worth it. Congrats on the expansion.

  2. Thanks Erin! :) We're pretty pumped.

  3. My darling, I'm not sure wanting 'control' is possible if you also want 'content' least, not in our world :)
    And btw... YAY, I get to tell people now!